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Wu Lou gourd gold

Wu Lou gourd gold

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The Wu Lou also "giver of life" is a symbol of luck, prosperity and health. He's a gourd, gourd. The Wu Lou has its origins in Chinese medicine, where it was often used by Chinese doctors to store herbal medicine and use it to heal patients.

In feng Shui , the Wu Lou is used to attract the life energy Qi and allow it to flow. According to the teachings of Feng Shuis, the Sha-Chi (unfavorable energy) enters the Wu Lou and is harmonized in the belly of the vessel. The two halves stand for yin and yang as well as heaven and earth.

Feng Shui tip:

In Feng Shui, the Wu Lou is used to minimize and weaken the yearly aspect of the year number 2 (the "Visitor Star"). This aspect is often associated with sickness and misfortune. The Wu Lou is also used to reduce the influence of the system of flying stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) on ​​the living area, especially the influence of the facing star 2.

The Wu Lou can also be used to curb the influence of the Facing Star 5 (the "Five Element Disruptor Star"), which is often associated with accidents and casualties.

  • Material: copper
  • Size: 13cm
  • Color:  gold