About Us

We are a family business that strives for a harmonious and fulfilling life. We offer high quality products that can add positive energy to your home.

Our journey started selling handmade Luo Pan compasses from Taiwan. We work closely with a family business in Taiwan that makes handcrafted compasses for us and has been in business for generations. We now offer a wide range of products: incense from the Allgäu, photographs of the five elements and beautiful sculptures specially selected by our Feng Shui Master, Petra Coll Exposito, to help the energy flow in your home.

We are always looking for new products to expand our range and offer our customers an even larger and quality choice. Our passion for Feng Shui drives us to make the benefits of a harmonious environment accessible to everyone.

And now comes the best part: We do it all with an extra portion of fun and joy! We believe in a happy life full of meaning, mindfulness and positive energy, and that is reflected in everything we do. We are full of love and want to share that love with you by making your home a place of calm, harmony and joy.

So, let's continue this exciting journey together and make your home a place of love, inspiration and harmony!