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Thangka Tibetan tapestry with Avalokiteshvar

Thangka Tibetan tapestry with Avalokiteshvar

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The Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Thangka Tapestry is a unique piece of Tibetan art that combines the beauty of Buddhist spirituality and Tibetan craftsmanship. The tapestry depicts Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, revered in Buddhism as the highest form of compassion. Avalokiteshvara is often depicted with many arms and eyes to symbolize his ability to help all beings at once.

This artwork is a printed reproduction of an original Tibetan painting that has been hand-painted. The wall hanging is made from high quality linen and cotton and measures approximately 82 x 59 cm, making it an impressive focal point in any room. The tapestry is covered with a silk cloth to protect it from dust and dirt and is encased in a brocade frame that adds extra elegance to the artwork.

The Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Thangka Tapestry is not only a decorative work of art, but also a symbol of compassion and spiritual wisdom. In Tibet, the thangka is used in meditation and in traditional ceremonies to create a connection with Avalokiteshvara and compassion.

- Size: approx. 82 x 59 cm

- Material: linen and cotton fine silk cloth for protection