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Thangka Tibetan wall hanging

Thangka Tibetan wall hanging

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The Thangka Tibetan Tapestry is a piece of traditional Tibetan art. This beautiful reproduction of an original Tibetan painting shows the Om symbol in Tibetan spelling surrounded by the mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM" seven times.

The thangka is made of high-quality linen and cotton and is hand-painted in great detail and colourful. Hailing from Nepal, it brings a touch of authenticity and cultural beauty to any room.

The size of the wall hanging is about 72 x 58 cm and is therefore a real eye-catcher in every home or office. The artwork is also covered with a silk cloth to protect it from dust and dirt. The brocade frame provides an additional elegance and gives the wall hanging a perfect look.

The thangka is used in Tibet for meditation and in traditional ceremonies, but it is also highly valued as an ornate decoration. This piece of Tibetan culture is therefore a perfect choice for anyone looking to decorate their home with an authentic and artistic work of art.

- Size: approx. 72 x 58 cm

- Material: linen and cotton fine silk cloth for protection