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Original Zhong He Luo Pan medium

Original Zhong He Luo Pan medium

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Original Zhong He Luo Pan medium with red bag

This compass is suitable for a professional Feng Shui practitioner. With our original Zhong He Luo Pan, precise measurement results are achieved using a specially calibrated magnetic needle.

  • 31 rings on the turntable
  • contains all the important formulas from the San He and San Yuan schools
  • You will receive an exact measurement result
  • specially calibrated magnetic needle
  • large radius, individual degrees easy to read
  • the scale from 0 degrees to 360 degrees

The practical bag is ideal for everyday use as storage and protection.

The medium and large Luo Pan differ in weight and size, otherwise they are identical.

  • Size: 22x22cm
  • Weight 800g