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The big smoking package house cleaning

The big smoking package house cleaning

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If you feel like your home isn't as fresh and clear as you would like, or if you need a change to recharge your batteries, then our The Big House Cleanse Incense Pack is for you . Whether you're moving, moving into a new home or just want to make a change, this set will help you create a fresh and clear atmosphere.

  • Essential Oil "Fresh Air" 5ml
  • Incense menthol crystals 25g
  • Incense blend Clarity 15g
  • Incense Mixture Space Clearing 28g
  • Roll of charcoal 40mm
  • Bag of smoked sand 500g
  • Bag of sea salt 500g

And detailed instructions so you can get started right away.

Smoking with these high quality products will help banish negative energies, clear your mind and create a positive and peaceful atmosphere in your home. The set also includes a surprise incense sampler so you can try and discover even more.

Use the incense pack The Big House Cleaning when moving in, moving, starting over, when you want to improve the mood, when you want to make a change, when someone is ill or when someone is leaving. It is suitable for anyone who wants to do more with their home and needs change. Get our incense pack now and create a fresh and clear atmosphere in your home.