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Flying stars graphics

Flying stars graphics

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Flying Stars Charts - 216 time charts of the Flying Stars

Our collection of 216+1 Flying Stars PNG Graphics in two sizes is a must-have tool for any feng shui expert who needs a professional representation of Flying Stars Charts in their projects.

The graphic in the collection contains 9 time periods with 24 directions each and provides a visual marking of the facing as well as a colored marking of the periodic star. The graphic representation of the flying star charts is thus made possible simply and effectively.

In addition, we offer a blank Flying Stars graphic that can be customized. The collection is also perfect for programs that can insert, rotate, scale and move graphics.

You will receive these graphics quickly and easily via a download link, so that you can get started with your projects straight away.

Our Flying Stars PNG graphics are the perfect addition to your professional toolset to get your work done effectively and accurately.

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