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Feng Shui stencil graphics

Feng Shui stencil graphics

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Feng Shui Template Graphics - Professional representation in Feng Shui projects

Our collection of 6 different Feng Shui 360° graphics in PNG format is an indispensable tool for every Feng Shui expert who needs a professional and precise representation of Feng Shui projects.

Each graphic in the collection is graded to the exact degree, allowing for a precise and professional depiction of Feng Shui projects. The 24 mountains in Chinese characters and German abbreviation facilitate the identification and assignment of the directional energies.

In addition, there are round highlighted placeholders for positioning text fields, so that information about flying stars, Ba Zhai etc. can easily be positioned yourself.

The color marking of the positive directional energies and houses of the west or east group enables quick and easy identification of the relevant Feng Shui information.

Our graphics are suitable for programs that can insert, rotate, scale and move graphics to facilitate their application in various feng shui projects.

The best part is that we deliver your graphics to you via a download link, so you can start your projects right away.

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