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Your incense starter set ORIENTAL cream

Your incense starter set ORIENTAL cream

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Your entry-level incense set

The smoker starter set ORIENTAL is the perfect choice for you if you want to transform your home into a pleasant, calm atmosphere. This set is ideal for you as a beginner and contains everything you need for your first incense ritual.

The noble incense bowl ORIENTAL in bright white is not only functional, but also a visual highlight in every room. Together with the charcoal roll, a bag of incense sand and a pack of Indian incense, which cleans rooms and clears the mind, the set is complete.

Thanks to the included smoking instructions, you can easily carry out the ritual and enjoy the positive effects of smoking, even if you are a beginner.

Use the ORIENTAL incense starter set to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in your home and to calm your senses. Discover the world of smoking and experience the feeling of relaxation and harmony that this ancient tradition offers.

This set contains everything you need for your first incense ritual:

  • Incense bowl ORIENTAL
  • Roll of charcoal
  • Bag of incense sand
  • Incense Indian, cleans the rooms and clears the mind
  • smoking guide

7 reasons why we smoke:

  1. purification and air purification
  2. Subtle cleansing
  3. scenting
  4. Parasite control also in mosquitoes or other insects
  5. disinfection
  6. Relocation and relocation
  7. After illness or death