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Chinese lucky coins, bound as a chain of 6

Chinese lucky coins, bound as a chain of 6

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The Chinese wealth coin is a classic symbol of increasing happiness and prosperity.

It stands for luck, prosperity and harmonious interaction of  health, love and money. It is seen as a symbol of wealth, the meaning of which includes material and financial abundance as well as inner and spiritual wealth, such as love and knowledge. Using a Chinese lucky coin as a talisman can instill confidence, courage, growth and hope.

Our lucky coins are tied with a red ribbon symbolizing a lucky knot. This knot is often used to bring good luck into the house at the front door by hanging the coin directly on the door handle.

Feng Shui tip:

We recommend using our lucky coins as a traditional feng shui tool for annual negative temporal influences. They are often used to weaken the annual aspect of what is known as the yellow five. According to the five phases of change, there are sectors in the house that are too unfavorable and need to be weakened with Feng Shui tools.