Dein Wegbegleiter: Eine Anleitung zur Verwendung des Feng Shui Kompasses - Luo Pan

Your companion: A guide to using the Feng Shui compass - Luo Pan

A Feng Shui compass is a constant companion. I still remember the first time I handled it. It was a challenge because the Luo Pan - Feng Shui compass needs to be trained! Like everything you learn new. As a Feng Shui novice, you face the same thing. For the very first time you will handle a device that you are not familiar with. Remember your first smartphone. How was it for you at the beginning? Today you will certainly get along well with your smartphone and know all the functions. You will feel the same way with the Feng Shui compass once you familiarize yourself with it.

The Feng Shui Compass is called Luo Pan in Chinese. It is a very important tool in feng shui, helping to understand the energy flow of a site. This enables a qualitative assessment of a place. There are numerous rings on the Luo Pan from which many Feng Shui formulas can be read. But there are also indications of cardinal points and their qualities.

For a precise measurement it is important to use a good and accurate Feng Shui compass. Because unlike 'Google Earth', Feng Shui works exclusively with earth magnetism. 'Google Earth' or maps are oriented to true north. In Feng Shui, however, attention is paid to magnetic north, which can vary depending on the location.

In order to use the Feng Shui compass successfully, you should follow a few tips. For example, you should first be in a quiet environment, away from sources of interference such as electronic devices or mobile phones. Hold the compass in a horizontal plane and make sure it is not influenced by metal objects. While performing the measurement, you should also make sure that you are not disturbed by other people or objects.

The more effective the formulas of Feng Shui are, the more accurate the measurements must be. Therefore, you should definitely contact an experienced Feng Shui consultant who can help you to interpret the Luo Pan correctly. With a little practice and patience you will soon be able to use the Feng Shui Compass safely and effectively.


How to measure correctly with the Feng Shui compass:

  • Take the measurement outside in nature to avoid deviations from metal or electrical devices. Also keep your distance from parked cars and pay attention to whether there is a car garage or a subway shaft below you.
  • Take several spaced measurements one after the other to avoid mistakes.
  • Perform a test with a table that contains metal parts or a cell phone to see how the compass needle vibrates and the readings vary when the compass is near metal parts.
  • Avoid wearing metal jewelry, money, belt buckles, and cell phones when measuring to avoid deflecting the compass needle.
  • Measure outside and check the measurement data inside.


The Feng Shui Compass is a powerful tool that allows for a precise assessment of the flow of energy. With a little practice and observing a few important tips, you can benefit from the advantages of the Feng Shui compass.

I hope this article has helped you to better understand the Feng Shui compass. If you have any further questions or need support, I am at your disposal.

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