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Kimono element water

Kimono element water

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We are thrilled to bring you our collection of the five elements - five unique kimonos. Each kimono symbolizes one of the five elements and is said to strengthen the element in you.

The Indonesian handicraft, the batik cap, turns every kimono into a real treasure. Handmade in Bali and lovingly sewn, our kimonos are more than just clothing.

With the purchase of one of our kimonos you support a family in Bali and give yourself a beautiful, handmade piece of clothing.

The kimono water is perfect for you if you want to strengthen the water element. This element represents inner wisdom, activity and movement. With the Kimono Water you can feel light and let the energy of the water carry you to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality.

Our kimonos are made from lightweight rayon fabric that feels like a second skin and is particularly suited to lovers of soft, airy materials. It doesn't matter whether you wear it in the home office, in the sauna or on your next job - the kimono is versatile and an absolute eye-catcher. We recommend hand washing the kimono to give it a longer life

Our kimonos are unisex! You can wear your kimono individually as it comes with a belt.

  • Material: 100% rayon
  • Dimensions:
    Length (shoulder to hem): 105cm
    Length (armpit to hem): 70cm
    Sleeve length: 25cm
    Shoulder width: 48cm

Feng Shui Tip : The element of water stands for depth, gentleness and has the highest yin. Get your kimono water now and feel the power of the element.