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Kimono element fire

Kimono element fire

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Our handmade red kimono symbolizes the element of fire and is a real eye-catcher.

Each of our fabrics is handcrafted in Bali using the Indonesian artisan Batik Cap, making each kimono unique. Attention to detail is evident in every hand-sewn piece.

With the purchase of one of our kimonos you support a family in Bali and give yourself a beautiful, handmade piece of clothing.

The light rayon fabric feels like a second skin and is perfect for lovers of soft, airy materials. Whether as a dressing gown at home, in the home office or on your next job - our kimono is a versatile all-rounder. It is also perfect for a day at the beach or in the sauna.

The fire element awakens a motivating, warm and passionate energy in you that inspires you and supports your enthusiasm. Let the fire ignite in you and bring love and passion into your life. Awaken your heart energy and radiate from within.

We recommend hand washing our handmade kimono to give it a longer life. Our kimonos are unisex and come with a belt.

  • Material: 100% rayon
  • Dimensions:
    Length (shoulder to hem): 105cm
    Length (armpit to hem): 70cm
    Sleeve length: 25cm
    Shoulder width: 48cm