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The Luo Pan, also known as Lo Pan, the geomantic or Feng Shui compass, is the most important tool for any professional Feng Shui consultant. A good Luo Pan allows determining the alignment of a building or any other object with down to one grade of accuracy. Moreover, the Zhong He Luo Pan comprises numerous formulas from the schools of San He and San Yuan. These formulas help you to gain an insight into the formulas of landscape and aspects of the quality of time. Those formulas of both schools are displayed on the rings of the Luo Pan. That is a great gain for every practical person. All you need now is just a Luo Pan for a fast and precise analysis.

Art with the subject Chi The Qi, also known as the breath of the dragon for the Chinese, comes from different cardinal points of the compass. In Feng Shui we measure with the Luo Pan the exact alignment of the surrounding mountain-dragons (mountains and houses), and the water-dragons as well (courses of water), streets, and many more.