Feng Shui

Besides the general design (or landscape) school, the expressiveness of the compass-school is decisive for authentic Feng Shui. The measuring results with the Luo Pan (Chinese compass) help you to gain an insight into the quality of a building, an apartment, a place or square.
San He and San Yuan are the classical systems of authentic Feng Shui.

Potsdamer PlatzRight in front of the entrance of the object to be analysed, the qualities of the surrounding structures (houses, waterways, streets) with their Qi-qualities flowing in and out are checked. Here is a clipping from the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin...

San He comprises all scenic forms and influences. The structures vary in form, outline, movement and direction and thus in their quality. In big cities, applied Feng Shui normally starts with aligning the door of your house or apartment. Calculations follow with which you calculate the arrangement of houses, streets and other objects. The Ba Zhai, or the 8 house - Feng Shui gives the practitioner further information about the quality of the entrance or the rooms. The system of San He includes many possibilities to energize the potential of the rooms and landscapes for your own benefit. For a good and effective Feng Shui the system of San Yuan should always be included.

San Yuan comprises the teachings of time aspects. The qualities undergo a change. Over the years, a place, a house or a room loses energy and gains new ones to that. Qualities become displaced.

Yap Cheng Hai Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai is one of the most experienced Feng Shui experts worldwide. He solves the most difficult Feng Shui cases, since he has been practicing Feng Shui for more than 55 years. He teaches students advanced Feng Shui worldwide. Many of his former students became very successful and famous Feng Shui consultants. That picture was taken in a children's hospice in Berlin summer 2005. The extension of a water dragon (course of the water) was discussed.