Measurement with the Luo Pan

The compass' magnetic needle is very sensitive to metal and other detrimental effects within the direct vicinity. For exact results interferences must be avoided. Any kind of metal in heaters, doors, elevators, jewellery, belt buckles but also cars, fences, garage doors etc. could have an impact to the compass' accuracy. Even a mobile phone - when in immediate nearness - can affect the measurement. To be on the safe side, you should measure more than once.

Luo Pan wrong Luo Pan right wrong right

The magnetic needle always points in a northwards direction. In order to determine the exact position, align the magnetic needle with the red line by turning the Luo Pan's rotary disk. The tip of the needle (arrow) has to be exactly between the two lines. The spirit level on the Luo Pan indicates, whether or not you are holding the compass correctly. The air bubble should be exactly centred when holding the spirit level vertically and horizontally. With the help of the red nylon thread (cross hairs) you can read off the grades and all the formulas linked with.

alignment Messen mit dem Luo Pan The Luo Pan enables the user to find propitious lines such as streams of jewellery or inauspicious lines of emptiness. Furthermore, you can see on the Luo Pan which directions deliver propitious Qi on the properties or premises and even which directions the Qi should better run off as set in and a lot more.

left picture :
The entrance of the building is first measured from the outside with the Luo Pan.

right picture :
An ideal alignment with a well-placed building is going to bring propitious Qi to the building.

Luo Pan-Seminar:

The Chinese Feng Shui compass - Application and History
The skilful handling with the most important tool of a Feng Shui expert, the Luo Pan compass, is going to make the overall scheme of formulas more accessible and is also going to allow you to get a better and deeper understanding when analysing. And on top of that, the history of the Luo Pan and the origin of each ring on the Luo pan are explained. Contents: all the single dynasties and their Feng Shui masters, how to measure correctly with the compass, how it is measured, guidelines when measuring, examples and their applications, observations of the surroundings, mountains, early and late skies and the water, Yin and Yang Feng Shui, 3 different types of the Luo Pan, history and application of the "San Yuan" Luo Pan and the "San He" Luo Pan, the combined Luo Pan "Zhong He", the 24 mountains, the 3 rings of the San He Luo Pan, valuation and meaning, robbery mountain, simple identification of the lines of death and emptiness, each individual ring and the importance of each ring.

Seminar: more informations